Knee Scooter Rentals

We have knee scooters, also known as knee walkers, available for rent. Knee scooters are an alternative to crutches when you have a foot or lower leg injury. We've heard from many people that they find knee scooters to be more comfortable and easier to use than crutches.

Insurance may pay for your rental, depending on your insurance, though you may have a co-insurance or deductible you will need to pay. If you want to go through insurance, we will require a prescription. Listed below are prices for private pay rentals.

Knee Scooter/Walker Rental Rates:

There is a minimum one month rental for knee scooters.


$25/week (only available after the initial month's rental)

walker-rental3Please include the height and weight of the person using the knee scooter in your request so we can best determine what size knee scooter or height settings the person will need.

It may take us up to three business days to respond to rental requests.