Seat Lift Chair Rental

We have seat lift chairs available for rent on a monthly basis. Seat lift chairs are great for people with mobility issues or individuals that need a bit of help getting up or keeping their legs elevated. All of our seat lift chairs can get into a variety of positions, from reclining all the way back to raising all up to assist patients in standing.

We have two tiers of seat lift chair rentals available. The first tier is a Cloud seat lift chair from Golden Technologies in a coffee bean, Brisa fabric. The second tier is a Cambridge seat lift chair from Golden Technologies in a brown, vinyl fabric. The key differences between the two is that the Cloud's Brisa fabric is a higher quality, leather-like fabric that is custom made to stay cooler than actual leather. Additionally, the Cloud has more customizable positioning options.

Seat lift chair rentals are private pay only. Listed below are prices for private pay rentals.

Delivery and Pickup Fees:

Under 15 Miles Away: No Charge

15 - 30 Miles Away: $85.00

More Than 30 Miles Away: Charge Varies

Seat Lift Chair Rental Rates:

Cloud: $375/month

Cambridge: $275/month





It may take us up to three business days to respond to rental requests.