Transport Chair Rental

We have both standard and bariatric transport chairs available for rental on a weekly and monthly basis. Great for travel, transport chairs are lighter weight than normal wheelchairs and are ideal for people that need to be pushed around in their chair. 

Insurance may pay for your rental, depending on your insurance, though you may have a co-insurance or deductible you will need to pay. If you want to go through insurance, we will require a prescription. Listed below are prices for private pay rentals.

Transport Chair Rental Rates:

Weekly: $35
Monthly: $120

Bariatric Transport Chair Rental Rates:

Weekly: $45
Monthly: $150

transport chair

Please include the height and weight of the person using the transport chair in your request so we can best determine what size chair the person will need.  

It may take us up to three business days to respond to rental requests.