Seat Lift Chairs

About Our Seat Lift Chairs

seat lift chair

Why do I want a seat lift chair?

Seat lift chairs are great for people with mobility issues. If you have any issues with getting up as a result of arthritis or injury or some other issue, than a seat lift chair would be great for getting you on your feet. Seat lift chairs are also great recliners and are good for relaxation and even sleeping.

Why should I buy a seat lift chair from Therap-Ease?

Therap-Ease is a small, family-owned business that strives to provide great service. Our staff are knowledgeable and can help you find the perfect seat lift chair with the options and accessories you want. We also offer delivery and repairs on all the seat lift chairs we sell.

Focus on Comfort and Quality

All of our seat lift chairs are made by Golden Technology. All of Golden's lift chairs come with the industry's best warranty. Golden offers supreme comfort and quality control, ensuring that every chair passes their 40 points of inspection.

Reasonable Prices

The majority of our chairs are priced between $955-$2410 without accessories or upgrades. Luxury fabrics can increase the price by $200-$500. Accessories like the Power Pillow™ Headrest, heat, massage, and foot rest extensions can also increase the price. We also offer value chair models, which start around $870, and wide models, which can be much more expensive. All of our chairs are priced below the MSRP, most being $100-$400 lower.

Seat Lift Chair Appointments

As it can take some time to go over all the different options available for our Golden Seat Lift Chairs, we do request that you make an appointment before coming in to learn about our chairs. You can make an appointment by calling us at 508-830-0911. We cannot guarantee we will be able to show your all of our chairs or go over the myriad of options without an appointment.